Final Presentation

This is it, we’re nearly done!

We came in just a few hours ago to set up our mockup of the installation. Han and I arrived first, since our slot was booked for 9.30AM-12.30PM. Siri arrived shortly after.

The Set-Up

Beginning to End of Term 2

Week 7

I think around this time I still didn’t come to school, or it might’ve been an online class. I did, however, regained back my health and strength to come back to school. My lecturers were informed of my situation so I did receive an extension for some of my submissions.

The chainmail of my deferral.

Other than that, I reconnected back with my group through WhatsApp and they let me know what has been going on since I went missing. I explained to them why I was missing and they were more than understanding.

In the end, we had to continue to create our proposal…

Brand Retail Experience Proposal & My Deferral

Week 3

We presented our group presentation from Week 3, which is pretty straightforward (I guess)!

Retail Experience Tour

Going into Week 2, me, Han, and Ariana visited some of the retail shops in Marina Bay Sands on the agreed date. We met face to face and introduced ourselves. I won’t lie, but it was really awkward meeting them for the first time as none of us knew each other.

We decided to visit Tissot, Starbucks, Gentle Monster, and TWG (which we decided on last minute).


Our first introduction class was held online. The lecturer was explaining to us about the evolution of retail experiences, where we are entering a digital age. Everything will involve technology (eventually).

We participated in a small activity with our lecturer and classmates. He asked us to answer 3 questions regarding retail experiences:

  1. What do you like?
  2. What do you not like?
  3. What do you hope to see?

Other than that, the rest of our class was just introducing and getting to know each other. The lecture, in summary, gave me more knowledge on the new world of retail shops; it…

Cynthia Caroline Hidajat

Performance Media and Art Installation is lyfe.

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